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Raise a Reader

Saskatchewan Literacy Network
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Raise-a-Reader 2014

We invite your organization to apply for funding from the 2014 Leader-Post or The StarPhoenix Raise-a-Reader campaign. The purpose of the Raise-a-Reader program is to raise funds and awareness to support family literacy programs and initiatives in Saskatchewan. Numerous events are held throughout the year to raise money for Raise-a-Reader and on Wednesday, September 24th, we celebrate Raise-a-Reader Day in support of literacy.

Funds raised at associated events throughout the year, are now available to support the important work we do....helping parents, caregivers and children develop strong literacy skills.

Raise-a-Reader 2014 Application Form

For the Success at School 

The Saskatchewan Literacy Network is pleased to announce the completion of For the Success at School. This companion booklet to For the Love of Reading and For the Joy of Learning is now available from the Saskatchewan Literacy Network.  For the Success at School provides families with encouragement and practical ideas to help children be successful from preschool through high school, and beyond.

With the support of the Communities Initiatives Fund we are pleased to offer these booklets free of charge.

Download your electronic copy today or contact our office through email,, or phone, 1-888-511-2111, to order the print versions of the booklet.

For the Success at School


The Saskatchewan Literacy Network Celebrates 25 Years of Literacy in Action

25 Years of Literacy in Action

We have grown into a proud member of Saskatchewan communites where we've joined you in celebrating the value of literacy and learning while supporting the development of a strong foundation of literacy and essential skills. The past 25 years has given us the chance to develop strong ties to those of you working to improve literacy levels @HOME, @WORK, and in your COMMUNITY.

Join us in celebrating our 25th anniversary as we reflect upon the past 25 years, embrace today, and look forward to another 25 years. We have added a section to our website, The SLN's Top 25s, that highlights our history, memorable moments, and other tidbits that we find interesting. Stay tuned for more tidbits from our 25 year history.

Let us know what you remember about the past 25 years and send us your stories by contacting us:

Recent SLN Publications

Download your digital copy today or call 1-888-211-5111 to order print copies.

Please visit our Publications page for more information on these and other SLN knowledge products.

Family LIteracy Standards

For the Joy of Learning Family LIteracy Standards
Literacy and Essential Skills in Saskatchewan:
Environmental Scan 2012
For the Joy of Learning
Family Literacy Standards